What Past Learners Have To Say About Our Programs

" I completed the Electrodiagnostics Certification Program and the Neurology Diplomate Program through Clinical Neurosciences Institute. I began my journey while still a chiropractic student and even after the first few months of CNI's coursework I found myself way ahead of my classmates when it came to diagnosis and creating treatment plans for patients. The knowledge base and the skill set I developed through these two programs is something that will set me apart from my colleagues for the rest of my career. With my education and training under Dr. Dishman I have opened up a whole realm of conditions that I now feel comfortable in examining, diagnosing and treating. Dr. Dishman's passion as an educator and his ability to keep you engaged throughout the program made putting all the time invested in these programs enjoyable and rewarding. I highly recommend both of these programs to anyone who wants to deepen their understanding of the nervous system and to better help their patients.

Dylan Saulsbery, D.C.,  D.I.B.C.N., D.I.B.E
Clinical Neuroscience Resident, NeuroLIFE Institute
Life University College of Chiropractic
Diplomate, International Board of Chiropractic Neurology
Diplomate, International Board of Electrodiagnosis

"Introducing electrodiagnostic testing to my practice was one of the best clinical/business decisions I've made. It considerably improved my diagnostic skills which yielded superior treatment outcomes. I've been in practice long enough that I had reservations about whether or not a D.C. would be reimbursed for such services, however, this is certainly not the case. I have a harder time getting reimbursed on an adjustment or modality than EDX testing. It is a wonderful tool for objective analysis for neurologic disorders. The only regret I have was not learning this earlier in my career."

Edward  L.eonard, D.C., Tampa, FL

"I took and completed the electrodiagnostic program in 2010 and will gladly say it is the best post-graduate program I have taken in my 18 years of practice. Upon completion of the program I began incorporating electrodiagnostic services into my own practice leading to acutely improved clinical services and another source of revenue for my practice. I soon began and continue to consult with and examine patients for several colleagues as well as a few physicians. This consulting business tickles my grey matter in ways that everyday practice cannot and has truly led to a higher level of satisfaction with my practice and clinical skills.

I would whole heartedly endorse this program and encourage any practitioner, young or old, to consider increasing your level of competence and greatly enhance your ability to provide the highest level of care for your patients and elevate the chiropractic profession at the same time."
Jeffrey Riker, D.C. , Glenmont, NY
I am a Board Certified Medical Neurologist and I completed the Electrodiagnostics Certification Program that Neurodiagnostics Institute offered in 2013. In all my years of residency here in the New York City area I was never required to perform or study the discipline of electrodiagnostics. As a young practicing Neurologist I found myself in a professional setting where I was asked to perform EDX as part of my duties. I was very grateful to find your course and have such a fantastic instructor in Dr. Dishman. He has a unique ability to explain complex material in a manner in which it is not only understandable, but is entertaining as well. His knowledge base in elecrodiagnostic medicine as well as general clinical neurology is fantastic. I highly recommend this program to any physician, neurologist or non-neurologist.
R.M.S., M.D., New York, New York
I recently completed the Neurodiagnostic Institute's Diplomate program in Chiropractic Neurology. All I can really say is WOW! The course was amazingly thorough and the breadth of clinical neurology training in this course is phenomenal. This program has made me a much better Doctor and I am seeing neurological deficits in patients now that I never have seen in the past. I am also now board certified and this credential has brought in a new stream of patients that being a neurologist attracts. To be frank, becoming a board certified chiropractic neurologist was the best thing I have done for my practice and my own satisfaction with my practice. I am now enrolled in their electrodiagnostics program and am looking forward to implementing a full range of neurodiagnostic testing in my practice. I highly recommend these programs and cannot say enough good things about the lead instructor, Dr. Don Dishman. Thank you for changing my practice and my professional life for the better!
F. J. D., D.C.,  Ft. Lauderdale, FL
This is my third Neurology Diplomate program that I have completed. I completed one program through another CCE-accredited college, another through a well known program offered by a private institute, and now your program. I have to say there is no other program like yours. It is simply levels above the rest.
William E. Wertman, D.C., Pennsylvania
I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your tireless efforts to have our profession be knowledgeable and clinically skilled in neurology, an area of which we regularly claim to be the specialists. After having taken both the electro diagnostic certification and neurology diplomate programs, I have come away with not only far greater knowledge of academic and clinical neuroscience, but also with a much greater appreciation of the role that chiropractic plays in the restoration of the nervous system, from a true physiologic basis.
And possibly the most important thing that has come up for me having gone through your programs is how it is further fueling my desire to practice. I have been in practice for 30 years and have thankfully experienced much success during that time. However, deciding to enroll in these programs is among the best decisions I’ve made in my career.  They have not only greatly fortified my clinical competency but have significantly helped to enhance my communication of chiropractic with real science to both my patients and medical colleagues as well.
In anticipation of your future efforts for our profession in this area and for facilitating my continued desire to learn, I once again thank you.

Vince Sferra, D.C., Branchburg, NJ